It's time to transform the way you practice...

If you are like most other clinicians, the combination of long-term healthcare trends with the acute stress of the pandemic means that it is time to transform the way you practice. At Restore Health we are taking a new approach to clinician well-being. If you are ready for a change, explore our unique courses and learning community.


  • What if I don't have the energy to do more self-care right now?

    Most "resilience" training is built on the same old recommendations: eat right, meditate, exercise... you know the refrains all too well. Our courses are built on key perspectives and strategies that go beyond simply quelling the stress response. We also guide you in accessing greater clarity about your purpose in your work. When the meaning piece comes into focus, many other aspects of your well-being begin to fall into place.

  • What if I don't have time for this training?

    This is the most insidious barrier for most clinicians. That's why we created a course comprised of brief, digestible content you can access on your schedule, even just a few minutes per day. You don't need to meditate for an hour to feel better. You just have to show up. That's why accessibility is a first priority in our trainings.

  • I'm sick of being told to be more "resilient." How is this different than all the other "wellness" training out there?

    You've already proven yourself to be remarkably resilient and capable. Unfortunately, the system has become too reliant on clinicians pushing their strengths beyond the point of sustainability. This is something we understand at Restore Health. Our mission is to tailor our trainings to the unique needs of clinicians operating in a challenging, often chaotic work environment. We do this by helping you bring the strengths that have helped you succeed into greater focus, then learning how to use those abilities in a NEW way, preserving your well-being for the long run.

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